I had a blast pitching at the Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference Pitch Fest!

Daniel Ryan Reiff
2 min readFeb 15, 2024


On Dec 7th, 2023, 27 companies/entrepreneurs virtually pitched their startup ideas to a panel of judges and over 120 investors. Among those entrepreneurs was myself, pitching on behalf of the Human Creator Alliance, my startup which exists to solve the problems caused by generative AI.

Notable investors in attendance included SC Ventures, Focus Investment Banking, Spouting Rock Asset Management, London Real Ventures, and Newbridge Securities Corporation, amongst others.

I had a virtual little Avatar guy, and he walked up to a virtual stage in a virtual auditorium, with a virtual podium and couch for guests, and I gave my pitch virtually, for we were in “The Metaverse” you see. I was on camera during the pitch, and one of the screens behind my little avatar showed me talking. Another large screen showed my presentation slides. It was pretty neat.

This is my Avatar posing at the photo booth in the Expo Hall near our HCA booth

Thank you to the gracious hosts at The Metaverse Spectrum who put on the virtual event, which was the second annual Metaverse Business Conference and Expo. It took place Dec 6 & 7, 2023, and was attended by over 500 people from around the world. It featured a virtual Expo hall with over 500 booths. On the second day was the inaugural Pitch Fest, which was — to my knowledge — the first ever of its kind in history.

I should also mention, that the Pitch Fest was made possible by a collaboration with Gust, who empowers startups with access to a large network of investors.

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