We are now Netlify Partners!

Daniel Ryan Reiff
1 min readMar 14, 2023


An exciting partnership for our teams and clients

I am thrilled to share that my companies Reiff Valliant & Co. and SqueakWorks are Netlify Registered Partners. This is a major milestone for our team and an essential component in our mission to deliver the highest quality web development services possible by leveraging modular design principles and composable web architecture. In other words, we can more fully utilize the tremendous power and potential of the Jamstack and Netlify’s Edge Network.

With our new access to resources like a dedicated partner team and support for projects, marketing, and workflow, we will be better equipped than ever to create richer experiences in the development frameworks of our choosing, reduce the complexity of cloud infrastructure management for our clients, and set new standards for performance, uptime, and cost-savings for every project. Additionally this will enhance our ability to fully launch the SqueakWorks platform and deliver web development as a subscription service in a way that can comfortably scale.

Here is our listing in the Netlify Experts Directory.

Original Post: https://www.danielreiff.com/blog/netlify-partnership-announcement